Auto Repairs, Maintenance & Alignment

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Auto Repair, Maintenance, and Alignment at Greg's Tire Service

Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

In additional to new tires, Greg's Tire & Service Center also offers auto repair and routine automotive maintenance. From oil changes to new brakes we can keep your vehicle running like new.

Routine auto maintenance is very important for the life of your vehicle. Greg's Tire & Service Center offers oil changes, brake repair, new belts & hoses, wheel alignment and more to keep your car, truck or SUV in tip top shape.

Your safety is important to us. If you're hearing a funny noise from the front end of your vehicle or if it is just not running as smoothly as it once did, let the staff of Greg's Tire check it out.

We offer a full range of auto repairs from new timing belts to CV joints. You'll see our full line of services listed below.

Call (828) 524-9881 or stop by Greg's Tire & Service Center. We're open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00 am to 12:00 noon on Saturday.

Greg's Tire & Service Center

Auto Repair Services

Belts & Hoses

Greg's Tire & Service Center will check under the hood to make sure your belts & hoses aren't cracked or a potential problem waiting to happen.

Brake Repair

Brakes are one of the most, if not the most important safety feature of your vehicle. When it's time for brakes, see Greg's Tire & Service Center.

Lube, Oil & Filter Change

The staff at Greg's tire offers a full-service oil change, including new oil & filter, lubrication of chassis and checks all fluids.

Cooling System Repair

If your vehicle is over heating or making a funny noise under the hood, let Greg's Tire can check it out and recommend service your vehicle.

Axle, CV Joint & Driveshaft

Hearing clicking as you turn? See Greg's Tire. We offer replacement of CV joints along with axle & driveshaft repair.

Steering & Suspension System

If you need new shocks or having power steering issues, see the staff at Greg's Tire & Service Center to keep your vehicle operating safely.

Wheel Alignment

Uneven or worn tires along with steering issues can be a sign of alignment issues. Greg's Tire offers both two wheel and four wheel alignment.

Nitrogen Inflation

We offer nitrogen is an alternative to air for inflating your tires. Nitrogen is often used in performance tires. To learn if nitrogen inflation is right for you, see the staff at Greg's Tire.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

If you have a low pressure tire light, it could be as simple as a nail in your tire. Our professionals can also check your TPMS system to see if there is an issue.

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Car Care Tips

Greg's Tire & Service Center

Your safety is important to us at Greg's Tire & Service Center. Following your owners manual for service and routine maintenance will not only keep your vehicle safe but could reduce the likelyhood of major repairs down the road. Here are some basic tips on keeping your vehicle running and operating like new.

Routine Maintenance
- Follow the advice of your owner's manual and change your fluids at recommended intervals. Fluids include oil, antifreeze, brake and transmission.
- Schedule a maintenance check at manufacturer recommended intervals.
- We suggest replacing your air filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles.
- Follow your manufacturers recommendations on vehicle specific rountine maintenance.

- To get the best life out of your tires have them rotated every 5,000 miles or every 6 months.
- Keep a check on your tire pressure. Low tire pressures can affect not only your safety but fuel economy, handling and ride comfort.
- Proper alignment also increases the lifespan of your tires as poor alignment can lean to worn tires as well as safety issues with the handling of your vehicle.
- Keep an eye on your spare tire and make sure it is inflated properly. Also review your owner's manual to ensure you can utilize the spare in case of an emergency.